Restaurant Brasserie Royale Kortrijk


The former cinema Royal(e), situated on the Kortrijk market square, Grote Markt, once again radiates the grandeur it had in days long gone. Be it in the field of culinary art, this time "Brasserie royale" indeed stems from the name of the bygone film temple and keeps the name unchanged.

Last June, 'Brasserie Royale' opened its doors on the Grote Markt at Kortrijk. 'Brasserie Royale' does not only want to emanate class at a top location such as the Grote Markt at Kortrijk, says investor Francis Vantomme. We also hope to provide added value to the entire region. Lately, we had experienced that many local people crossed the border, e.g. to Lille, in search of a traditional seasonal cuisine. Brasserie Royale wants to be a local alternative. Our chef David Claeys, especially wants to use regional products supplied daily by local suppliers (from Flanders and the North of France). We are thus offering a traditional cuisine, with seasonal dishes. These taste delicious in our nice and cosy atmosphere where artists exhibit their works of art.' At once, Kortrijk also has its first brasserie 'on duty'. Indeed, the 'royale' is open until 11 PM, which cannot be said of other cafés and restaurants on the Grote Markt

The name of the new establishment refers to a piece of Kortrijk history. At one time, one of the first cinemas of the city was established in this building. Today, the structure of the building still reflects this past. In addition, the present design has especially been chosen to refer to this past, so says Francis Vantomme. A part of the cinema hall for instance has been kept and closed off as a smokers' room, and a film projector recalls the glorious years of film of olden days. The cinema was accomadated here from april 1913 until april 1979. The foyer was run by the Royal Cinéma company. In the silent pictures era, films were accompanied by live piano music. during the First World War, the Saturday film shows were reserved for soldiers. For some time, the big hall was also transformed into a prison. In 1980, the gambling house Carrousel Royal opened its doors... for barely four hours. The the office of the public prosecuter put the roulettes under seal because of infrigement on the Betting and Gaming act.

Therefore, Brasserie Royale has many stories to tell. And these amusing anecdotes will taste even better when accompanied by a culinary delight!